Off The Plan
Explore the potential of Off the Plan purchasing with us. Our seasoned experts guide you through the intricate process, ensuring a stress-free journey from inception to settlement and beyond. With meticulous attention to detail and a focus on builder’s variances and strata costs. Trust us for a seamless and successful purchase experience.

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An Off the Plan purchase has many great advantages. By engaging with our knowledgeable and experienced team at Inspired Property Group, we will educate you to understand the subtleties, the process, and the financing structures around an Off the Plan purchase that will set you up for a stress-free and successful purchase.

Buying a property Off the Plan allows you to purchase at “today’s prices” which will often result in increased value at the completion of the build.

With the subtleties involved in an Off the Plan purchase, it is essential to engage with a professional property team who understands the time frames, the financing obligations, as well as builder’s variance elements.

With consideration given to strata costs, the value of ensuring there is a point of difference in your build and access to transport hubs and services, our team will work with you from “start to settlement and beyond…..”

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The 8 steps to purchasing your
Off the Plan purchase

1. Establish your needs

Inspired Property Group will work with you to create a needs analysis to ensure that we are able to meet your desired outcomes with the key criteria being met:

Where you want to buy (area)

Number of bedrooms

List of inclusions

Size of the property

Number of parking spaces/garages

Affordability and Budget

Strata costs (payment paid by the owner to help upkeep the complex)

Time frames for completion, 6 months, 12 months 2 years

2. Research and Source

Inspired Property Group has the insight, intel and information to research and source the ideal options based on your needs analysis.

We will present you with a shortlist of options based on the criteria of your needs analysis.

3. Secure and finalise the purchase

Once you have made a decision on the option that suits you best:

Our knowledgeable and highly experienced team will assist in securing your property.

Where possible, and where needed, we will work with you to include any other additions and upgrades tothe property.

4. Manage contractual obligations

Our team and affiliated partners will help and guide you to you seamlessly manage the contractual obligations ofyour purchase.

From the drawing up of contracts, liaising with your solicitor, mortgage broker, and financial advisor.

5.Manage through to settlement of the property

Generally, in most Off the Plan purchase, you will pay a 10% deposit upfront and the balance on completion ofthe property.

Off the Plan purchase completion timeframes may vary from a couple of months to 2 – 3 years. During this time the team at Inspired Property Group will provide you with regularconstruction updates.

6. As your build nears completion

As your build is nearing completion:

Our team will assist you in reaching out to your solicitor and broker to start finalising finance to settle the balance.

We will email you your pre-settlement kit. This includes prompts for insurances, booking a building inspection and if buying as an investment, a referral to a local property manager, and attaining your depreciation report.

7. At the completion of
your build

The Inspired Property Group team will liaise with the builder to rectify anyminor defects identified in yourbuilding inspection.

8. Hand over

Once all the paperwork has been approved and finalised, Inspired Property Group will help arrange for the pick up your keys so you can celebrate!

On new builds you will have peace of mind knowing that we help manage the 6-month warranty period for any remaining defects should they arise.

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