House and Land
Say goodbye to budget worries and unexpected expenses. Our transparent approach ensures what you pay for is what you get, with no hidden surprises. Benefit from a full turnkey solution, tailored to your needs, for peace of mind from start to finish

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When purchasing a House and Land Package from Inspired Property Group, you will have the confidence knowing that you are able stay within your budget, there are no unexpected (and expensive) surprises and you will have peace of mind knowing “that what you pay for, is what you get”!

With different builders offering different solutions purchasing House and Land can be complex and confusing.

Is this a full turn key offering?

What is actually included?

Will there be unexpected surprises – which can become expensive surprises?

When purchasing your House and Land Package with Inspired Property Group, you are engaging with a team that is transparent, understand your needs; and is committed to achieving your desired outcomes from the start.

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The 8 steps to purchasing your
House and Land Package

1. Establish your needs

Inspired Property Group will work with you to create a needs analysis to ensure that we are able to meet your desired outcomes with the key criteria being met:

Where you want to buy (area)

Size of land

Type of build (single, double story, plan layout)

Affordability and Budget

Time Frame (immediate, 6 months, 12 months)

2. Research and Source

Inspired Property Group has the insight, intel and information to research and source the ideal options based on your needs analysis.

We will present you with a shortlist of options based on the criteria of your needs analysis.

3. Negotiations and Inspections

Once you have selected which property you would like to proceed with, we begin negotiations and further inspections on your behalf.

Our knowledgeable and highly experienced team will assist you in securing the land.

Where possible, and where needed, we will work with you to create your customised build plan. Check out our Custom Build options.

4. Manage contractual obligations

Our team and affiliated partners will help and guide you to you seamlessly manage the contractual obligations ofyour purchase.

From the drawing up of contracts, liaising with your solicitor, mortgage broker, and financial advisor.

5. Manage through to settlement

Dependant on whether the land is registered or unregistered, our customer centric team and affiliate partners, will assist you in managing the process of the settlement ofthe land.

6. Once the land is settled, our team will assist in managing the build process

We will provide you with regular updates on progress of the build.

Our team will help ensure that progress payments are made by your lender in a timely manner.

As the build nears completion Inspired Property Group will email your pre-settlement kit. This includes prompts for insurances, booking a building inspection, and if buying as an investment, a referral to a local property manager and attaining your depreciation report.

7. At the completion of
your build

The Inspired Property Group team will liaise with the builder to rectify anyminor defects identified in yourbuilding inspection.

8. Hand over

Once all the paperwork has been approved and finalised, Inspired Property Group will help arrange for the pick up your keys so you can celebrate!

On new builds you will have peace of mind knowing that we help manage the 6-month warranty period for any remaining defects should they arise.

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