Property Research

Property Research and Selection

At Inspired Property Group, we pride ourselves on the level of detail and due diligence that we apply when identifying locations and suburbs for our clients to invest and live in.

Whether you are looking to buy a home or an investment property, Inspired Property Group takes a meticulous step-by-step approach to ensure that your property goals and objectives are met.

In fact, we knock back over 95% of the properties/location we research as we only want to provide our clients with the very best opportunities to enter the property market helping ensure strong capital growth, a solid rental market in a desirable suburb for both homeowners and investors.

As a testament to our research, clients who have bought with us have made hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital growth, enjoyed strong rental demand, and have now bought multiple properties with us

Although the Inspired Property Group basic principles and guidelines remain the same, they may vary slightly dependant on which service offering you are after. With our passionate, knowledgeable, and highly efficient team you can purchase with clarity and confidence.

Our Research Methodology

With our 4 key indicators, and our “do, don’t and considerations” you will have peace of mind knowing that your home or investment property is ideally suited to your long-term property goals.

Utilising our 4 key indicators alongside our meticulous processes, teamed with our insight, knowledge, and intel we are able to identify states and suburbs that will provide you with the greatest possible return on your investment.

We conduct extensive research into key local drivers such as employment, retail, schools, demographics, supply, and demand as well as infrastructure spending and much more to identify future growth corridors and suburbs primed for investment.


4 Key Indicators are:


Employment and economic growth

National and State infrastructure spending

Population growth

Internal migration



Local retail and shopping

Education – Schools, Universities, Colleges

Employment diversity

Local infrastructure spending


Supply and demand

Transport links

Within 5km to 35km from a major CBD or Regional Centre


Local market research

Location of property, suburb, estate, aspect

Number of properties in complex

Number of lots in land release

Quality of inclusions

Construction time frames

Type of construction

Builder/Developer reputation


Rental appraisal and local feedback

Suburb vacancy rates

Purchase price & valuation

Purchasing costs, stamp duty, insurance, and other

Cashflow calculations before and after-tax

When recommending Investment
property and homes:

Types of properties we DON’T recommend:

NRAS Properties

Student accommodation

Holiday Letting

Properties with Rental Guarantees

Defence Housing

Large apartment complexes

Large townhouse complexes

Small apartments under 50m2

Properties located in mining areas

Complexes with high strata rates

Types of properties we DO recommend:

Properties in owner-occupied areas

Boutique apartments and townhouses in small complexes

Full turnkey house and land options (fully inclusive)

House & Land in areas of limited land availability

Infill sites

Properties in the middle ring 5km to 35km from a major CBD

Close to infrastructure – transport, retail, schools

Further considerations

Unique selling points:

Consider your long-term goal, should you wish to sell the property in the future you want your property to stand out which will result in a quicker sale at a higher price.

Target owner-occupied areas:

High rental demand

Desirable suburb

On the future sale of the property, you are more likely to get an owner-occupier buying than an investor which will result in a higher selling price.

Match your property to the market:

If a suburb is made up of 38% young professionals, then you may consider purchasing an apartment.

If a suburb is made up of 45% families, then a house would be the better option.

Matching property to the market will ensure your property has a high rental demand and gives you the best opportunity for future growth.

If you want to purchase a House and Land

If you want to purchase an Existing Property

If you want to purchase an Off the Plan

If you want to purchase to Invest

If you want to purchase a Custom build